Bron Studios Appoints DIG CEO as Advisor to Accelerate Web3 Strategy

Leading Canadian motion picture company Bron Studios has nabbed DIG CEO Haydn Snape to lead its Web3 strategy.
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  • Bron Studios has appointed Dubai Investment Group (DIG) CEO Haydn Snape as its Web3 advisor.
  • The Canadian motion picture company is looking to expand its product offerings in NFTs, tokens and marketplace strategies.
  • The two companies will also collaborate to offer interactive games through DIG’s Miami-based GameFi metaverse company XYZZY.

Bron Studios is accelerating its Web3 strategy after hiring Dubai Investment Group CEO Haydn Snape as an advisor. The Canadian motion picture company said Snape and his team will lead its foray into the Web3 space with NFT, token and marketplace strategies for Bron IP.

The two companies have also teamed up to launch a series of interactive blockchain games through DIG’s Miami-based GameFi metaverse company XYZZY.

Bron wants to leverage NFT strategies to ramp up its marketing and sales strategy, whilst also broadening project financing and global distribution. 

The two companies will use NFTs to develop consumer-oriented strategies that will boost engagement with communities and help discover new monetization channels.

Bron launched Bron Digital Unit in July 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic in its bid to foray into Web3. The company has made significant strides since then, including entering into a partnership with Epic Games to build exciting and interactive gaming worlds.

“Haydn’s global knowledge in this [newly] emerging sector will help Bron grow our reach and connectivity to both creators and consumers,” said Brenda Gilbert, Co-Founder and President of Bron.

On the other hand, DIG has been one of the leading investors in the Web3 space, specifically targeting metaverse opportunities. Based in Dubai, UAE, the company seeks to turn those opportunities into products aimed at “disrupting the metaverse.”

Commenting on his company’s commitment to the course, Snape said the biggest challenge that filmmakers and producers face today is not “reinventing how stories are told, but rather reinventing how audiences engage content.”

“DIG has demonstrated results of futurizing industries and businesses that understand, embrace and engage the future. This includes developing new financial architecture and interfaces born out of Web3 thinking that includes innovations such as tokens, gamification, metaverse and the like,” he added.

Some of Bron Studios’ recent works in film and television include “Joker,” “Greyhound” and “Judas and the Black Messiah.”

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