BNB Chain Launches Grant Program for Web3 Builders

BNB Chain has launched a grant program that will invest up to $0.5 million every month in innovative developers looking to accelerate their projects to the next level.
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Quick take:

  • BNB Chain has announced the BNB Builder Grant.
  • The program will support web3 innovators looking to build on the BNB Chain.
  • The grant will see BNB Chain invest up to $500,000 every month in teams looking to advance their projects to the next level.

BNB Chain has announced the BNB Builder Grant. The program with reward innovative teams with up to $0.5 million every month to accelerate the development of their projects. 

The grant will be offered to new projects looking to build in BNB Chain, or those looking to migrate to the network.

The program allows applicants to try their chances on a monthly basis, beginning October 3 even if they are not selected for the first time.

“From the 1st to the 7th of every upcoming month, we will open applications for teams who will stand to benefit from the considerable support on offer. We will then embark on a rigorous three-week assessment process that will see us select up to TEN projects at the end of the month,” BNB Chain wrote on its website.

The program is not limited to projects at certain stages of development but is more interested in teams that have already demonstrated strong traction at the different stages of their projects.

The program will use variables like daily active users and total value locked to determine the stage of the project commensurate with the roadmap. BNB said it will have discretionary opportunities for projects at the early stages of their development.

The program is also targeting teams that have been involved in creating multi-million dollar web2 companies.

“Our goal is very simple, we want to work with industry-defining individuals who operate on exciting projects that have not yet received the support necessary in catapulting their ideas.”

The company has created a dedicated BNB Builder Grant page where interested teams can apply for the monthly grant.

BNB Chain anticipates several applications to come through, which means some of the projects may not be chosen. However, it also wants to “underline that if your project is not chosen on the month you have applied, this does not disqualify you from being chosen at a later date.”

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