Blur NFT Marketplace Surges Ahead with Over 100,000 Unique Buyers

The Blur NFT marketplace has been making waves in the NFT community, reaching a remarkable 100,514 unique buyers and trading over 880,567 ETH in volume.
  1. Rapid Growth of Blur NFT Marketplace: Blur NFT marketplace has seen significant growth, with a total of 100,514 unique buyers and over 880,567 ETH in volume traded. This indicates a thriving and active community in the world of NFTs.
  2. Exciting Launch of $BLUR: $BLUR is launching on February 14th and promises to deliver a launch experience like no other. With the airdrop 3 continuing until then, it is an exciting time for the NFT community.

The Blur NFT marketplace has seen explosive growth in recent months, reaching a remarkable 100,514 unique buyers. The platform has traded a total of 880,567 ETH in volume and has seen over 1,832,141 total sales.

In the beginning of 2023, the marketplace has seen a daily average of 10,211 ETH in volume, with 18,303 sales made by 11,686 buyers and sellers. The buyer-seller ratio has averaged 0.59, indicating a growing number of buyers in the marketplace. The average user is also making 4.28 trades, showing the level of engagement and activity on the platform.

To add to the excitement, $BLUR is launching on February 14th. While this is later than the initial estimate of January, the extra two weeks will allow the team to deliver a launch that has not been done before. The airdrop 3 will continue until then.

This impressive growth and thriving community make it clear that the future of NFTs is bright, and Blur is poised to be a major player in the space. Stay tuned for the launch of $BLUR and see what this innovative platform has in store.


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