BlockDAG Advances as July’s Crypto Rockstar with a $2M Giveaway, Blasting Past Spot Bitcoin ETFs & Arbitrum’s Investments

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs have attracted nearly $1 billion in net inflows, highlighting growing institutional interest. Despite recent price struggles, Arbitrum Investments is diversifying into real-world assets like Ondo’s USDY. In contrast, BlockDAG (BDAG) stands out as the breakout crypto for July 2024.

Combining blockchain security with DAG’s speed and scalability, BlockDAG handles thousands of transactions per second with low fees. BlockDAG’s presale raised over $54.5 million, selling 11.8 billion coins by the 19th batch. Additionally, its diverse passive income opportunities, including a $2 million giveaway, generate significant momentum in the crypto market.

Arbitrum Investments Diversify Amid Market Struggles

The Arbitrum (ARB) STEP Committee has endorsed plans to diversify 6 million ARB coins, worth around $4.5 million, into Ondo’s USDY, a leading real-world asset tokenization project. This allocation signifies Arbitrum’s commitment to expanding adoption and reducing operational risk. Arbitrum investments in USDY received more than 17% of the allocation, placing it second to BlackRock’s BUILD.

Other recipients include Backene Finance’s Bib01 and OpenEden’s TBILL. Despite these strategic moves, ARB has struggled, losing over 5% in the last 24 hours and trading at $0.771. The token has dropped significantly from its all-time highs, facing increased selling pressure and a bearish market outlook.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Drive Institutional Interest

Spot Bitcoin ETFs have attracted nearly $1 billion in net inflows, highlighting growing institutional interest in digital assets. This surge has positively impacted Bitcoin Cash (BCH), driving its prices upward. 

Bitcoin (BTC) recently corrected from a high of $69,945 to support around $65,000, with analysts eyeing $67,000 as a key level for bullish momentum. Long-term forecasts for BTC are optimistic, with some predicting a price of $98,973 by the end of 2024. Bitcoin Cash dropped from $432.20 to $387, potentially reaching higher by Q4 2024.

How BlockDAG Redefines Blockchain Limits

BlockDAG merges traditional blockchain security with DAG’s speed and scalability, establishing a new paradigm in distributed ledger technology. BlockDAG sets new speed, efficiency, and scalability benchmarks to address blockchain’s core challenges. The BlockDAG network enhances transaction processing and efficiency through parallel processing enabled by its DAG structure, handling thousands of transactions per second with low fees and near-instant confirmations. 

Unlike traditional blockchains, where each block references a single predecessor, BlockDAG allows blocks to reference multiple preceding nodes. This diversity enhances transaction capacity and network throughput, improving the efficiency and scalability of blockchain networks.

Moreover, BlockDAG offers diverse passive income opportunities within its robust ecosystem. Investors can benefit from coin investment strategies, where early contributions grow in value as BlockDAG evolves. Mobile mining transforms smartphones into mining tools, providing a convenient way to earn rewards. Dedicated ASIC-based mining units offer a scalable passive income stream, and users can resell these units post-launch for potential profit. A 10% referral rewards program and exclusive presale opportunities offer further income avenues.

Additionally, BlockDAG is creating a buzz with a $2 million giveaway, offering substantial cash prizes to 50 community members. With over 84 thousand entries, participants can engage on social media, submit a wallet address, complete quests, and invite friends for additional entries, fostering widespread excitement and participation.


While Spot Bitcoin ETFs attract significant institutional interest and Arbitrum investments diversify into real-world assets, BlockDAG emerges as the breakout crypto for July 2024. Its innovative blend of blockchain security and DAG speed sets new standards for transaction efficiency.

BlockDAG’s robust ecosystem offers diverse passive income opportunities, including mobile and ASIC-based mining and a lucrative referral program. The $2 million giveaway further fuels its momentum, making BlockDAG a standout choice in crypto.

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