Binance Launches the HODLer Airdrops Program for Holders of BNB Tokens

The program offers BNB holders early access to tokens preparing to launch on Binance.
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  • The tokens will be mainly from small to medium projects with strong fundamentals, a large circulating supply, and strong and organic communities, the exchange said.
  • To be eligible for the HODLer Airdrops program, users must hold BNB and be subscribed to its Simple Earn program.
  • The tokens will be offered to users from eligible jurisdictions, which Binance did not list in the announcement.

Binance has launched the HODLer Airdrops Program, designed to reward BNB token holders with early access to tokens with a large circulating supply before they launch on its platform. 

To be eligible for the program, users must first subscribe to the exchange company’s Simple Earn program and be from authorised jurisdictions. The company did not provide a list of countries or regions of residence where the program will be offered.

Binance said it will post an announcement before a HODLer Airdrops of new token begins.

Explaining how the program and token airdrop allocations will work, the leading crypto exchange company wrote in a statement: “Snapshots of user balances and total pool balances will be taken multiple times at any point of time each hour to get users’ hourly average balances in Simple Earn products (Flexible and/or Locked). Binance will use historical snapshots of user balances at random periods after this announcement to calculate user rewards.”

The HODLer Airdrops will be deposited in the BNB holders’ Spot Wallets within 24 hours after the airdrop is announced, the company said, adding that a hard BNB holding calculation limit per user will be announced in each HODLer Airdrop announcement.

“For example, if a user holds 203 BNB, and the holding calculation limit is 200 BNB. Binance will only use 200 BNB to calculate their total rewards,” Binance explains.

By the time the token lists on the Binance Spot, airdropped tokens will have already been deposited in the users’ Spot Wallets.

The company also said BNB Simple Earn assets collateralizing against Binance Loans (Flexible Rate) are not entitled to HODLer Airdrops rewards.

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