BendDAO Records High in NFT Holdings With Over 423 MAYC and 94 Doodles NFTs

Source: Dune/@0error_eth .

The BendDAO, an NFT liquidity protocol that supports instant NFT-backed loans, Collateral Listing, and NFT Down Payment, has seen an All-Time High in both mutant ape yacht club NFTs and Doodles.

The platform recorded 2.17% of the total MAYC NFT collection, valued at around $10 million, and 0.94% of the Doodles NFT collection, valued at around $1.19 million. A batch of 53 Doodles were deposited into the BendDAO collateral, the largest Doodles batch ever recorded.

Furthermore, the collateral also saw an All-Time High in Azukis on January 19th, with 267 Azuki NFTs valued at around $6.7 million. The total value of the BendDAO collateral is currently valued at 40.4K ETH, equivalent to around $65 million.

This development in the NFT market is providing a new level of accessibility and convenience for NFT holders, making it easier for them to leverage their digital assets. The progress of BendDAO will be closely monitored in the coming days.

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