Banger Games Secures €10M Round to Build the First Blockchain-Based Gaming Hub

Banger Games is building the “first-ever” blockchain gaming hub after completing a €10 million funding round led by Avalanche.
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Quick take:

  • Banger Games has completed a €10 million funding round led by Avalanche.
  • The company is building the “first-ever” blockchain gaming hub for mainstream AAA games.
  • Banger wants to bring a new system of rewarding gamers to the mainstream regardless of game, publisher, or platform.

Banger Games has announced the successful completion of a €10 million funding round led by blockchain company Avalanche. The company said it will use the funds to build the “first-ever” blockchain gaming hub.

Banger Games wants to create a platform that adds improves the gaming experience by adding a layer that rewards players based on their activity. The platform will introduce a universal currency and economy for gamers that can be used on any game regardless of the publisher or platform.

Other participating venture capital firms and investors in the funding round include Shima Capital, GSR, Flori Ventures, Poolz Ventures, G20, LucidBlue Ventures, Belobaba Fund, Squares Capital, CSP DAO, Halvings Capital, OIG Capital, and BigCoin Capital.

Commenting on the gap that the gaming company is trying to fill, Borja Villalobos, CEO at Banger Games said, “As the industry has exploded in different directions ( Crypto, Metaverse, VR, Indie Publishers, Play to Earn) we are certain that gamers feel more disconnected than ever. Banger is the platform aimed at unifying this ever-increasing ecosystem into one central point in the gaming universe.”

Banger Games wants to demonstrate the value of gamers in its gaming ecosystem. The company points to the nature of the gaming industry, which is driven by profits and user monetization concepts, with little regard to maintaining the fun and rewarding gamers.

Banger Games will aggregate players’ gaming experiences, organize and inform while adding a second layer of rewards based on in-game and community objectives.

The platform plans to introduce automated SMART tournaments powered by smart contracts. Other advanced features on the platform include Battle Pass, in-game achievements, an anti-cheat client built with IBM, and P2P cloud gaming, enabling players to share their reserve processing power.

The gamers will be rewarded using NFTs and the utility token of the platform Banger Coin. game publishers will be able to utilise Banger Games’ software development kit (SDK) allowing them to connect cany video games, blockchain-based or not, to the Banger Games ecosystem.

Commenting on the funding round, Jaynti Kanani, Co-founder of Polygon said “My investment in Banger Games was an easy decision, I love the idea of leveraging activity across different games empowering users to monetize their gaming experiences.”

On the other hand, Charlie Hu, Lucid Blue Ventures commented:

“As the Blockchain gaming industry slowly grows out of its shell, it will need hubs and safe places to learn and evolve for gamers and even publishers.”

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