Baidu Launches Web3 AI Infrastructure to Advance Brand Marketing and Innovation in the Metaverse

Chinese internet giant Baidu has launched a suite of Web3 products to help brand marketing innovation in the metaverse.
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Quick take:

  • Baidu has launched a suite of Web3 products to advance brand marketing in the metaverse.
  • The company wants to power the new age of brand marketing, which has seen 78% of brand owners embrace Web3.
  • Baidu is building an AI-driven Web3 infrastructure that will help with marketing innovation.

Chinese internet giant Baidu has launched a suite of Web3 products for brand marketing. The company is extending its Web3 product offering with a new AI-based infrastructure platform that will help brand markets in the metaverse.

The internet company launched a metaverse platform called Xiyang earlier this year in its first foray into the 3D virtual space. It has also launched products for the NFT space through Baidu Super Chain, as well as, a variety of 3D avatars. 

The metaverse has become a target of mainstream brands looking to extend engagement with their customers into the immersive space. Luxury fashion brands and sportswear and footwear manufacturers have been among the leading companies to leap into the metaverse.

Baidu executives think it is inevitable that brands will need to establish strong marketing channels in the metaverse just like they pounced on Web2 platforms.

Commenting on the company’s foray into Web3 on June 23, Cao Yuxin, the head of Baidu Group’s brand said: “With the construction of Web3.0 infrastructures such as Metaverse and Digital Human, brand marketing has become increasingly important. With more room for imagination, it is better to end the game than to wait and see.”

Yin Yingli, general manager of Baidu Mobile Ecological Business Group Marketing Department echoed Yuxin’s comments pointing to statistical data that shows a least 78% of brand marketers have either tried or plan to try Web3 marketing techniques.

Baidu believes that for brands to successfully advance their marketing into the Web3 place, the underlying infrastructure technology must evolve to support the transition.

The company identifies 3D avatars, NFTs and the metaverse as currently the three products built on Web3. And acknowledging the nascent state of the industry, the company says it is still too early to predict what direction the industry could take.

According to Cao Yuxin, Baidu is building what traditionally would be the back-end of a web2 platform. While, 3D avatars, NFTs and the metaverse represent the front end. The company will leverage its massive cloud computing and edge computing resources to develop the infrastructure that will power brand marketing innovation in the metaverse.

“The arrival of Web3.0 means changes in content production methods and brand marketing methods.” Cao Yuxin said earlier this year when the company launched Xiyang.

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