Polycade Expands Web3 Gaming Ecosystem in Partnership with Atari

Polycade will leverage Atari’s rich portfolio of video games to create a cultural crossover with art on the blockchain.
Image source: polycade.com

Quick take:

  • Atari has partnered with Polycade to launch new web3 games.
  • The partnership also includes an art collaboration that will see 12 artists each redesign an Atari game.
  • The collaboration is part of Polycade’s bid to create a cultural crossover between video games and art.

Polycade and Atari have teamed up in crossover collaboration for video games and art. The two companies have launched Polycade Limiteds, an art collaboration that will allow artists to redesign Atari games in web3.

Atari is a renowned mainstream video game developer established in 1993. Some of its most popular titles include Asteroids, Pong, Centipede, Missile Command and Breakout. Twelve artists will each have an opportunity to redesign any of those games and publish them as a limited edition of “digital cartridges” available for purchase on the blockchain.

This collaboration is formed closer to home than many would realise. The Portland, Oregon-based Ploycade was founded by CEO Tyler Bushnell, son of Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. 

Commenting on the partnership in an interview with GameBeat, Tyler Bushnell said: “Atari is obviously very close to our hearts. And so it felt like a natural choice for the launch of our greater platform here. We’re basically launching a series of collaborations pairing classic Atari Games with modern contemporary artists. And so what this will do is take classic games like Asteroids and see all of the artwork reskinned by the artist.”

The partnership allows artists to bring their creativity to life by reskinning the original gameplay of the video games.

Gamers will be able to play the redesigned games on the Polycade website and downloadable software offered by the company, among other platforms. The redesign will be visible in the game graphics and backgrounds.

The digital cartridges will be available for minting beginning November 19, 2022, with a celebration during the ComplexCon tournament.

The sale of the Artist Edition will take place on Coinbase NFT, with the Gold Edition set to take place on December 12.

“Video games have influenced many traditional artists over the years, but the ability for them to put their mark on games and monetize their artistic creation has been extremely difficult and expensive. Blockchain technology has made it possible for digital goods to behave like the physical collectibles commonly produced by artists,” added Bushnell.


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