AssangeDAO Raises Over 1100 ETH in 12 Hours For its Fight to Free Julian Assange

A collective of internet vigilantes has raised over 1100 ETH in 12 hours as it fights for the liberation of Julian Assange.
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Quick take:

  • The capital is raised to bid on Julian Assange’s upcoming NFT auction.
  • Proceeds raised will go towards Assange’s legal defense fund.
  • AssangeDAO aims to form a dedicated community and network to help restore Assange’s freedom.

“Cypherpunk” collective AssangeDAO has raised over 1100 ETH in 12 hours in order to bid on an NFT series produced by digital artist Pak in collaboration with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The NFT series, called ‘Censored’, refers to Julian Assange’s history of reporting on classified material regarding corruption, war, crime, and spying. ‘Censored’ will include a 1/1 NFT up for auction as well as an open edition, both due to go live on Feb 7.

Claiming to be fully community-led, AssangeDAO is collecting ETH via Juicebox, a “platform for pooling funds with large groups of people with a clear mission statement.” As of this writing, AssangeDAO has collected a total volume of 1,906 ETH through Juicebox since the project was created on the platform yesterday.

Human rights activist, historian and former British Ambassador Craig Murray tweeted his support of the project, saying: “I wish I understood the mechanism, but I strongly urge those less antiquated than me to join in this wonderful effort to support Julian. A man the state is trying to destroy for exposing state crimes.”

British rapper M.I.A. has also brought attention to the project, tweeting a link to the AssangeDAO website.

In return for ETH contributions, AssangeDAO contributors will receive a proportional share of $JUSTICE governance tokens, which will allow them to vote on governance proposals. 

If the DAO wins the NFT auction, the community will decide via governance what to do with the NFT and the future roadmap of the DAO. If it loses the auction, the ETH held in the Gnosis Safe will be redeemable for $JUSTICE tokens, allowing the DAO to live on regardless of the auction’s outcome and for people to exit the DAO with contributions they made for the NFT.

AssangeDAO began its mobilisation as a Telegram group on Dec 10 last year, the day that the US court won its appeal to have Assange extradited to the country. If extradited, Assange faces 175 years in prison for publishing classified information.

However, in January, Assange won the right to ask the Supreme Court to block his extradition to the US, giving his lawyers 14 days to make their appeal, which will be due on the same day that his NFT collection with Pak is released. 

The DAO aims to “form a dedicated community and network that can aid in the fight for the liberation of Assange.” It claims that it has worked closely with the Assange family, including Julian Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, who joined the Telegram group shortly after it was created.

AssangeDAO also claims that the Assange family “endorses its efforts to unite cypherpunks all over the world”

Proceeds raised from the NFT sale will go towards Assange’s legal defense fund and campaign to raise awareness about his extradition case. 

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