Arpeggi Labs Raises $5.1M Seed Funding to Build Web3 Music Creation Platform

The seed round was led by a16z with participation from Steve Aoki and 3LAU.
Image source: Arpeggi

Quick take:

  • Arpeggi is a Web3 music creation platform for anyone to upload sounds for other musicians to use for remixing.
  • The sounds are minted on the Polygon blockchain and made available for reuse.
  • The platform ensures attribution to the proper source when a sound is used.

Arpeggi Labs, a new Web3 music creation platform, has raised $5.1 million in a seed round led by a16z. 

Participants in the round include NFT enthusiast and DJ Steve Aoki, founder of NFT music platform Royal 3BLAU, 1confirmation, Palm Tree Crew, WndrCo Ventures, Wyclef Jean, Disco Fries, Electric Feel Ventures, Louis Bell, Joe Zadeh, the Audius Foundation, Shayne Coplan, Paul Veradittakit, and Cooper Turley.

In addition to their investment, Steve Aoki, Wyclef Jean, Louis Bell, Electric Feel Ventures & Disco Fries will be joining Arpeggi as advisors.

Arpeggi will use the seed funding to build a Web3 home for music creation and publishing. On the platform, anyone can create and upload sounds for other musicians to use for remixing and sampling. 

The idea for Arpeggi was inspired by sampling, a process in which musicians reuse elements of other artists’ songs to create new ones. 

Traditionally, independent artists without the backing of big labels must Earn a high degree of trust for sharing of unpublished works; pirate or pay to sample, remix, or reference other artists’ sounds; navigate opaque rights registries to track down multiple rights holders and ask for permission; and receive legal clearances for the use of other artists’ work before being able to remix or sample a track.

With its Web3 capabilities, Arpeggio removes the barriers to collaborations between artists. For instance, musicians can mint sounds on the Polygon blockchain and make them available for reuse by others. The platform also ensures that the source of the sound is properly attributed so that artists don’t have to worry about theft or legal repercussions.

“Arpeggi provides full visibility into the artists that contributed to a song. With attribution guaranteed, relationships can be created from a collaboration, rather than having to build the relationship first. On Arpeggi, when a song succeeds, so do the contributors of the samples or the loops in an open-source and transparent way,” co-founders Evan & Kyle Dhillion and James Pastan wrote in a blog post.

Arpeggi was founded by three technical co-founders; brothers Evan and Kyle Dhillon, and life-long friend James Pastan. Its origins began in 2016 when Kyle, having just graduated from Princeton with a degree in computer science, began working on a programmatic hip-hop beat generator. After Kyle’s years of tinkering, Evan recognized an opportunity within the budding web3 space to combine Kyle’s expertise in digital music and James’ experience in product growth to build a better future for music creation.

Arpeggi’s product roadmap includes integrations with other Web2 and Web3 music platforms that allow musicians to share their creations with a wider audience. 

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