Aptos User Activity Peaks: Monthly Active Users Hit Record Level

The number of monthly active addresses on Aptos has reached a new record in June and will likely hit the 5 million mark.

Aptos has experienced an increase in activity at the end of the second quarter. The number of monthly active addresses has reached a new record in June, hitting 4.8 million as of this writing, according to data from TheBlock. By the end of the month, the metric can touch the 5 million mark.

The new monthly record is possible thanks to a spike in the number of users in mid-June. Token Terminal data shows that daily active users hit a record 1.3 million on June 8. That was the first time Aptos had seen 1 million users in a single day.

Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain supporting the smart contract feature. The network uses a programming language called Move, which was developed by Mysten Labs, the company behind Sui, another fast-growing layer 1 blockchain. Both Aptos and Sui have been developed by ex-Facebook employees.

Aptos has consolidated its presence in decentralized finance (DeFi). It has a total value locked (TVL) of $340 million, as per DefiLlama, which is about half of Sui’s TVL. Aptos TVL crossed the $500 million mark on April 1 after a tenfold increase since September 2023.

The most active DeFi apps are lending protocols – such as Aries Markets, Echelon Market, and Aptin Finance – and decentralized exchanges, such as LiquidSwap, Cellana Finance, and PancakeSwap.

While June becomes the month with the most active users, May keeps the transaction count record, with an impressive 350 million transactions.

The surge in transactions was driven by a cat clicker game called Tapos, where each click generates a transaction on the network. Players tickle a cat with each click to earn HEART tokens. The game ended its campaign on May 26, causing a correction in the number of transactions. It has demonstrated that Aptos is capable of handling a high number of transactions at a low cost.

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