Aptos Partners with South Korean Triple-A Gaming Studio NPIXEL on Web3 Gaming

Aptos will be the Web3 home for NPIXEL’s METAPIXEL gaming universe.
Image source: Aptos

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Quick take:

  • Aptos subsecond latency on its mainnet creates quick execution for a smooth gaming experience.
  • In-game assets can be represented entirely on the Aptos blockchain.
  • This partnership has the potential to onboard NPIXEL’s community of millions of gamers to Web3.

Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure company, Aptos, today announced a partnership with South Korean Triple-A gaming studio, NPIXEL. This marks a major step into Web3 gaming for Aptos as it will be the Web3 home for NPIXEL’s METAPIXEL gaming universe.

METAPIXEL is a Web3 gaming ecosystem that includes an original Triple-A game IP that runs on a free-to-own gaming model notoriously touted by Limit Break’s Gabriel Leydon. The GameFi ecosystem aims to open up a new economy for gamers where they can have true ownership of in-game assets.

With this partnership, Aptos aims to provide a fast and secure network on which developers and gamers can easily build and play games in a multi-asset environment where token storage is safe.

Aptos claims to have subsecond latency on its mainnet, making the gaming experience quick and responsive. It also has user-focused safeguards that are engineered to protect users at the blockchain layer, such as key rotation, account recovery, and transaction pre-execution, thereby keeping users’ assets safe.

For game developers, in-game assets can be represented entirely on the Aptos blockchain without the need for additional metadata stored off-chain. This allows developers to focus on building games instead of managing assets across tech stacks.

Gamers can also take their assets with them across platforms on the Aptos ecosystem for seamless interoperability.

“It’s designed in a way to protect gamers, who have been spending hours collecting assets or building their identity within different games,” Aptos co-founder Avery Ching told Games Beat. 

He added that the layer-1 blockchain’s aim was to create a battle-hardened infrastructure that could operate at scale. Last week, Aptos announced an extended partnership with Google Cloud which will power some of Aptos’ validator nodes.

Aptos and NPIXEL are kicking off their partnership with an Aptos x NPIXEL event alongside the GSTAR conference in Busan this week with Aptos Dev Hub Korea, a community-run organization focused on supporting Aptos game developers.

NPIXEL is best known for its first multiplayer online role-playing game, Gran Saga, which quickly became one of the top-performing mobile games on the Apple App store in Korea with 4 million downloads since its first launch in Korea and Japan in 2021. The gaming studio plans to expand its user base across the Southeast with Gran Saga’s upcoming global release later this year.

With NPIXEL’s existing community of millions of gamers and more to come, this partnership has the potential to accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming.


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