Anything World Raises $7.5M to Bring AI-Based Animation to the Metaverse

The company also said its service will be available on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in December.
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  • Anything World has raised $7.5 million in a funding round backed by Warner Music Group.
  • The London, UK-based startup is creating a high-fidelity animation system for 3D creators.
  • Ron Levin, partner at Alumni Ventures, which participated in the fundraising said the system will empower metaverse developers.

Anything World has secured $7.5 million in a funding round backed by Acrew Capital, Alumni Ventures and Warner Music Group. Other participants in the fundraising include NGC Ventures, Supernode Global, GameTech Ventures and GFR Fund. 

The UK-based AI-based animation startup said it is bringing its services to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in December.

The company said the funding will help in lowering the barrier to creative 3D, helping “anyone to create immersive and accessible experiences in virtual and 3D worlds.”

Anything World offers algorithmically generated 3D models that can be customised to suit different designs. The system allows anyone to create 3D animations for immersive experiences.

Anything World’s system could be used to accelerate the mass adoption of the metaverse, with corporations and individuals looking to use AI-based 3D animations to increase engagement with their customers. 

Currently, the system has hundreds of thousands of 3D models. The assets are open-sourced, readily available and remixable.

Commenting on the fundraising, Gordon Midwood, CEO of Anything World said in a statement: “The capacity for anyone to create immersive and accessible experiences in virtual and 3D worlds has been expanded substantially by this funding round. We’re thrilled to expand further the tools and opportunities we can provide to developers, creatives and the general public. Because of the interest and need from developers who want to create 3D worlds, populate those worlds with assets, and immerse users in incredible experiences, Anything World will continue to be the go-to platform.”

According to Anything World, this fundraising will help the company scale its growth, putting it at the forefront of democratising 3D content creation. The “high-fidelity animation system” featuring voice control and low- and no-code options for 3D content creation will be immediately integrated into the company’s platform.

Anything World’s goal is to lower the barriers to entry into the 3D creatives market, which in turn will increase the number of users looking to build immersive experiences in gaming, virtual events and Web3 worlds.

Ron Levin, a partner at Alumni Ventures, said in a statement, “What we see in Anything World is the most cutting-edge machine learning platform to empower developers of the metaverse. Backed up by a terrific team, we are confident that the company will set the standard in the years ahead for 3D creators of games, the future of work, and more.”

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