Animoca Brands Joins UCOLLEX and MADworld to Launch J-Culture NFTs

Animoca Brands Japan has teamed up with UCOLLEX and MADworld to launch an NFT series based on contemporary Japanese culture.
Image source: NFT.NYC

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  • Animoca Brands Japan has teamed up with UCOLLEX, and MADworld to launch a series of Japanese culture NFTs.
  • The NFT series consists of artists who are leaders of contemporary Japanese culture.
  • Selected artists include Bujin painter Masayuki Kojo, Kenichi Asano and CRAZY CHOCOLATE.

Animoca Brands Japan, UCOLLEX and MADworld have collaborated to launch an NFT series based on the Japanese culture. The companies have selected artists that are considered to be leaders of the contemporary culture of the Asian country. 

According to the announcement, the series will feature artwork from Bujin painter Masayuki Kojo, Kenichi Asano and CRAZY CHOCOLATE.

The team has created an urban-linked XR NFT Art Exhibition to be held at NFT.NYC ahead of the series launch. NFT.NYC is the world’s largest NFT conference and will take place from June 20-23.

All featured artists will produce a decorated artwork of the iconic Times Square in New York City in Extended Reality (“XR”) format.

Animoca Brands and Co’s J-Culture-themed NFT series will invoke the spirit of Ukiyo-e — the Japanese art of “Ukiyoe wo Egashite”. 

“We will be launching a series of works by artists who are active in the forefront of Japanese culture from various perspectives, such as ukiyo-e style artists and sculpture x Japanese culture, as well as developing a community,” the companies wrote in a joint press statement on Friday.

The selected works include Masayuki Kojo’s works. He is a painter specializing in warrior paintings”. Kojo uses Sumi ink to depict the “preparedness” of the warriors of the Warring States period.

On the other hand, Kenichi Asano’s works are characterised by his use of hybrid classic and digital sculpting techniques. 

Crazy Chocolate is in to represent the younger people of artists. She started creating illustrations in 2018 with a desire to pass on traditional Japanese culture to generation z. Her work is notable for blending Japanese traditions with street art.

The three artists will feature their works during the NFT.NYC, but the companies have bigger plans for the future.

“After NFT.NYC, we plan to use the works from participating artists and produce an NFT series which embody Japan’s world-class culture,” they wrote.

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