Animoca Brands and Cube Ent Joint Venture Anicube Announces K-Pop Video NFT Airdrop

Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment’s joint venture, Anicube has announced an Airdrop of K-Pop video NFTs.
Image source: Animoca Brands

Quick take:

  • Anicube, a joint venture by Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment has announced a video NFT airdrop featuring Cube Ent’s popular K-Pop artists.
  • To qualify, Fans must connect their Metamask wallets to the Airdrop platform before April 15.
  • The K-Pop video NFTs are minted on the Polygon Blockchain and will be airdropped on April 18.

Anicube, a joint venture by Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment, has announced a  K-Pop NFT Airdrop featuring videos of the Korean entertainment company’s top artists. Fans looking to participate in the NFT drop must connect their MetaMask wallets with by April 15 at 11:00 AM KST.

The company said its K-Pop video NFTs will be minted on the Polygon blockchain and will be airdropped on April 18. The NFTs will also be used to access various perks in the metaverse currently being built by Anicube.

The K-Pop video NFT airdrop is part of Anicube’s plans to use NFTs and the metaverse to spread Korean culture globally. The company recently teamed up with Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox where it is building its metaverse world.

K-Culture, sometimes referred to as South Korean pop culture, has become a global phenomenon over the last few years. 

Announcing its partnership with The Sandbox in Early March, Cube Ent said the new product’s purpose is to build “a music metaverse using NFTs and ecosystem tokens that are based on the intellectual property rights of Cube Ent’s globally popular K-pop music artists and actors.”

South Korea is one of the leading proponents of the metaverse with the government revealing a multi-pronged strategy to become one of the leading players in the metaverse economy.

At the core of its strategy is the commitment to continue spreading Korean culture around the globe. 

“The country will embrace metaverse technology in arts, culture, education, K-pop and tourism, while also launching a virtual Korean language institute for foreigners,” the government said in a March statement.

Anicube’s K-Pop NFT Airdrop lines up perfectly well with the country’s grand strategy, creating a unique opportunity for collectors to start integrating themselves as the Asian economic superpower builds towards realising its goals.

Anicube is a product of Animoca Brands, a leading GameFi and blockchain investment company based in Asia, and Cube Ent is one of Korea’s leading entertainment companies, giving the product a strong foundation for success.

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