American Idol Brings First-Ever Contestant-Based NFTs to Millions of Viewers

Collectors of the NFTs will earn rewards including a “Ticket to Hollywood” NFT and ThetaDrop tokens.
Image source: American Idol

Quick take:

  • The American Idol NFT Card Pack is launched to celebrate American Idol’s 20th season.
  • Fans who purchase the card pack will receive a random NFT card of a top 14 contestant.
  • The collectibles will be available on ThetaDrop.

To celebrate its 20th season, singing competition television series, American Idol, announced today that it will be launching a range of contestant-based NFT trading cards to the millions of fans of the show. 

The American Idol NFT Card Pack will be priced at $99. Buyers of the card pack will receive a random NFT card of one of the top 14 contestants. As contestants progress through the competition over five weeks, collectors who own the eligible contestant cards will earn unique rewards each week.

The more “card packs” one buys, the higher the chances of earning rewards. However, as the “card packs” are randomised, collectors could end up with multiples of a contestant. But those who are betting on a certain contestant moving on to the finals can try to exchange their NFT on the secondary market on ThetaDrop to get the card they want.

“When you’re collaborating with internationally-renowned entertainment brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than American Idol,” says Mitch Liu, CEO and Co-founder of Theta Labs. “With our Theta-powered real-time predictive NFTs, fans will be able to go beyond voting for the contestants and become a judge themselves – celebrating with their favorites and collecting rewards as they move through each qualifying round to the finals.”

American Idol kicked off its 20th season on Feb 27 with six million viewers tuned in. The show’s move into the NFT space will expose the concept of NFTs to a large audience and possibly drive the adoption of digital collectibles.  

The first week of rewards starts on Apr 25, and collectors with an NFT of only one of the remaining contestants will win an American Idol 20th Anniversary Animated Logo NFT. During week two, collectors with NFTs of two remaining contestants will win 300 ThetaDrop tokens ($TDROP), which will be deposited into their ThetaDrop account.

In the third week of rewards, collectors that have four NFTs of the remaining contestants in the competition will earn VIP Bronze benefits for their ThetaDrop account.

For the season’s final episode, owners of the NFT of the winner will be rewarded with their own exclusive Winner’s “Ticket to Hollywood” NFT, which can be redeemed for a physical ticket to Hollywood – usually given to contestants who’ve made it to the Hollywood round – shipped to their home.

As a green and low-cost media and entertainment blockchain, Theta has previously collaborated on NFTs with American Idol judge and pop singer Katy Perry; soulstress Dionne Warwick; the Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship launch; World Poker Tour; and America’s longest-running TV game show ‘The Price is Right’ among others.

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