Alchemy Launches Tool to Make Web3 Developers’ Life Easier

The web3 development platform has launched a tool called “create web3 dapp”, which cuts the web3 app development time to just four minutes.
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Quick take:

  • Alchemy has launched a web3 tool called “create web3 dapp”.
  • The tool speeds up web3 development allowing developers to build apps in four minutes.
  • The app is compatible with Alchemy-supported blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism, among others.

Alchemy has launched a web3 developer tool that allows developers to create apps in four minutes. Dubbed “create web3 dapp”, the tool is compatible with all alchemy-supported blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism, among others.

According to Alchemy, the company wanted to develop a tool that makes life easy for web3 developers.

“Everyone is experimenting and new protocols are coming out every day. We wanted to create a package infrastructure layer that’s flexible as possible to accommodate all the web3 needs developers have,” Vitto Rivabella, product lead at Alchemy told TechCrunch.

Elan Halpern, also a product lead at the web3 infrastructure provider echoed those remarks adding: “Taking a step back, our overall goal and mission at Alchemy is to make developers’ lives easy and make it super easy to build web3 applications.”

“As we continue to talk to more developers in the space and understand their problems and needs, those tools are continuing to expand,” he said.

One of the biggest barriers to web3 is the time it takes to build a dApp. In most cases it can take months for a web3 app to move from the design concept all the way to the public launch, going through the alpha and beta phases.

“Developers needed basic tools and resources to build a dApp,” Halpern said.

Although Alchemy touts itself as the best SDK for web3 application development, the industry has attracted a lot of interest with the likes of Mirror World,, Stackup, Sequence, Moralis and Thirdweb, also offering web3 developer tools that look to speed up the process.

Describing how Alchemy’s new tool works, Halpern compared it to making a pizza, whereby the company provides the dough ready for the toppings. In this case, the process of building a new app on “create web3 dapp” is equivalent to adding toppings, which Halpern believes is the easiest step when making a pizza.

“Our goal is to give the developers the pizza dough so they can throw their own toppings on it. It’s a basic infrastructure setup that they need to build their dApp, and now they can do what they want with it and start their work right away instead of spending a lot of time on setup.”

According to Alchemy, the tool allows developers to create different types of apps from DeFi exchanges and swaps to analytic platforms and NFT marketplaces.

In December, The company launched a free web3 app store for users and developers, allowing developers to showcase their decentralised applications and increase access. In June 2022, it also launched a $25 million grant program to accelerate the adoption of web3.


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