Aeria Studio Canada and Ready Games Partner to Bring Web3 Gaming to Android

The North American mobile games developer currently has 14 games available in the Play Store and a whopping 1 billion lifetime downloads.
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Quick take:

  • Aeria Studio Canada has announced a partnership with Ready Games.
  • The leading mobile games publisher wants to integrate web3 into its popular titles.
  • Aeria currently has 14 titles available in the Android Play Store.

Aeria Studio Canada is teaming up with Ready Games to integrate web3 gaming into its titles. Aeria wants to add web3 features to its most popular games. This partnership gives it a shorter and more feasible route to web3 gaming.

Ready Games is a web3 mobile gaming ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology to bring token economy and cross-game NFT assets to mobile games. The company offers turnkey web3 API and Unity-based software developer kits (SDKs), enabling developers to add web3 gaming features to web2 games.

On the other hand, Aeria Games is one of the leading North American web2 mobile game developers on Android, with 14 titles currently available in the Play Store. The company has amassed more than 1 billion downloads cumulatively, with its games currently boasting 2.5 million combined monthly active users (MAUs).

Aeria Studio’s “Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival” will be its first title to be integrated with web3 gaming features, with in-game assets offered as NFTs. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a blockchain-based digital file representing proof of ownership of a collectible, a JPEG, or artwork. In Aeria Games’ case, Ready Games will help the mobile game developer to offer gaming characters and other game features as NFTs.

The game boasts over 5 million downloads and a 4.3 average rating on Android. Its monthly active players (MAPs) average of 250,000 makes it one of the most popular games in Aeria Studio’s portfolio.

Ready Games will help Aeria Games to develop a secondary market for trading in-game assets and allow players to choose different upgrade paths as they move up the levels in Rescue Robots.

According to the announcement on November 29, 2022, Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival’s beta launch will debut on December 1, with the full global release coming out in January 2023.

Commenting on the partnership, Jorge Flores, General Manager of Aeria Canada said: “We are incredibly excited about our strategic partnership with Ready Games Network. Aeria Canada is accelerating the entrance into web3 using Ready’s infrastructure. Our mobile game users will be introduced to web3 – giving them access to ownership of NFT assets and tokens, new rewards and incentives.”

On the other hand, David S. Bennahum, CEO of Ready Games commented: ”We are excited to support Aeria with their migration to web3 gaming, using our suite of live operations web3 gaming tools and innovative ecosystem token, AURA. Together we can further our shared mission of bringing web3-enabled mobile games to the millions, and eventually billions, of people who play games on their phones daily.”

The two companies are using “Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival” to assess how players from the two gaming communities respond. The web3 mobile gaming ecosystem is approved for both Android and iOS.

However, while web3 gamers seem more receptive to the idea of upgrading web2 games with web3 features, traditional gamers have been rather resistant to the change.

Once this hurdle is passed, Aeria Games and Ready Games will be ready to move to other popular gaming titles in the Canadian developer’s portfolio.


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