Activision Considering NFTs for Call of Duty

One of the world’s most popular video games Call of Duty may be about to get NFTs according to renowned leaker Ralph on Twitter.
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  • Call of Duty may be getting NFTs according to a popular leaker Ralph on Twitter.
  • Activision may be planning to embrace the trendy world of digital assets in its popular game.
  • Ralph also points out that this will depend on community feedback and thus Activision may end up withdrawing the plans.

Leading video game developer Activision Blizzard may be planning to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Call of Duty.  The first-person shooter video game is getting an overhaul in UX/UI, Infinity Ward, which the renowned leaker Ralph on Twitter thinks could be an indication that the company is planning to introduce NFTs to the popular game.

The global gaming giant is also reportedly Activision accounts, incorporating global calling cards & emblems, avatars and,  and stats.

Posting on Twitter, Ralph said, “NFT Inclusion is reportedly being considered by Activision.”

Ralph revealed that Microsoft’s latest mega acquisition has been reviewing and considering NFTs over the last few months. The trendy digital assets have captured the attention of some of the world’s largest brands, with a few mainstream game developers also announcing plans to introduce NFT-based games to their communities.

However, the leaker correctly points out the growing resistance from various gaming communities, who prefer to keep the fan rather than introduce a monetary angle to their gaming experiences.

“NFT’s have been under review, and in consideration, for a few months. With EA’s immediate backlash against NFT’s, It can totally fall through,” Ralph wrote.

Currently, Ubisoft is one of the few leading mainstream game developers that have defied community feedback to introduce blockchain gaming. The global gem developer launched the Quartz platform, a metaverse gaming ecosystem built on the Tezos blockchain late last year.

However, although its intro video for its first gaming title integrated with in-game assets received more dislikes than likes and several negative comments from users, Ubisoft has maintained an active presence in the GameFi space, including backing various projects through joint ventures.

If Vall of Duty does indeed get NFTs, these could allow players to trade weapons, skins and other game features. Jon Ramuz of EarlyGame envisions a situation where a player would be able to purchase a unique operator skin for large sums of money that cannot be used by another person in the game.

However, as highlighted by Ralph in his leak, Activision may be considering offering emblems or calling cards as NFTs.

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