A $200K Bored Ape NFT Mysteriously Sold for this Unbelievable Price

Another Bored Ape NFT sells for a ridiculously low price barely four weeks after Ape #3,547 accidentally sold for $3,000 instead of $300k.
Image Source: OpenSea

Quick Take:

  • You would not have expected that barely four weeks after a Bored Ape NFT accidentally sold for $3,000 instead of $300k, we would be back at it again.
  • Yet, last week, another Bored Ape, this time worth $200k, sold for a much lower price.
  • The latest transaction involving Bored Ape #8252 might turn out to be another accidental sale.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs are among the most popular and the most expensive NFT collections on OpenSea. Recently, they have also dominated headlines because of unexpected incidents.

Just to recap a few, the Bored Ape Yacht Club was the latest subject of stolen NFTs worth $2.2 million, which forced OpenSea to freeze trading.

In another incident, Bored Ape copycats, Phunky Ape Yacht Club (PAYC) and PHAYC were both involved in a social media battle as they fought off to claim the most legitimate fake BAYC. They were subsequently banned on OpenSea but continued to trade on other NFT marketplaces.

Yet, the drama continued late last week after another mysterious transaction involving a Bored Ape NFT.

When Bored Ape #3,547 accidentally sold for $3,000 instead of $300k last month, nobody expected to see more headlines about Apes that sold for ridiculous prices. 

However, according to the transaction history on OpenSea, Dadjudicator, the latest owner of Ape #8252 paid just 0.01 ETH to the previous owner 05F3AB for the NFT, an equivalent of about $31, as of this writing instead of the listed price of $200k.

It is not clear whether this was another error like a month ago, or it was merely a private arrangement between the buyer and the seller.

Some theories going round suggest that it might, as well, have been a bet between the buyer and the seller that the new owner won.

But an unexplored theory could also be that the new owner is also the old owner who perhaps wanted to smartly change the identity behind their collection.

Looking at several other Bored Ape NFTs, although BAYC prices are set below 1 ETH, even those valued at 100s of ETH have bids starting at as low as 0.01 ETH in the auction. It could be mere speculation counting on the seller to accidentally accept their offer. Could this be what happened? At this point, it remains a mystery.

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